Plants Vs Zombies Complete Save File +Download Link :)

READ THIS : I recommend that don’t use this file until you finished the game . Because you wont enjoy it if you use this without finishing the game :) To Use my save file , use the following instructions : 1.) Download save file from (Do the following only if you have Windows 7 or Vista) 2.) Go to Control Panel and go to Folder options . 3.) Go to view tab and if you see the “Show Hidden files , folders , and drives ,” , unchecked , check it . 4.) Open the rar file you downloaded and extract this to: C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\PlantsVsZombies\userdata (Do the following only you have windows xp) 1.) Download save file from 2.) Extract this to the userdata folder where your plants vs zombies is installed . Usually its installed in : C:\Program Files\Popcap Games\Plants vs Zombies\UserData. By the following months , I will update the save file . I will plan to update the zen garden plants because its still incomplete . Features : 1000000000 feet tall wisdom tree 10000 stocks each of Fertilizer , Chocolate , Bug Spray , and Tree food 7 fully grown garden plants . Speciffically the Jalapeno , Melon-pult , Umbrella Leaf , Spikeweed , Repeater , Peashooter , and torchwood . 1 immature cabbage-pult 10 variety colors of marigolds doom shroom , and fume shroom liliy pad and a tanglekeep . 999990 money unlocked all mini games , survival , and puzzle unlocked all plants and zombies in almanac (including zombie yeti) and finished adventure mode 2

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25 Responses to “Plants Vs Zombies Complete Save File +Download Link :)”

  1. xyezy says:

    i have did it once, then i got it all, very nice, when I had it for a while, it suddely was all deleted, the same happened a time after that when I did adventure by myself, it suddely deleted again, and I have tried to re-install it, but it does not work. So my questions is: How do I get it stop deleting all the time, and how can I install it once more?

  2. CODvorT3x says:


  3. MrHalpinghand says:

    @TheR4freak i did (= for 2$

  4. luisarturo3400 says:

    he use the cheat engine, i have all that in 1 day! is easy :p

  5. richmen95 says:

    where do i play this game?

  6. desword1 says:

    not working

  7. raweezywar says:

    @TheR4freak well , if there arent any crises

  8. RetardTheUltimate says:

    @charmen110 because its in program data not app data

  9. RetardTheUltimate says:


  10. MsPokefan16 says:

    What about downloading PVZ on my I-Pad for free?

  11. raweezywar says:

    @Maztach1ef I learned how

  12. Maztach1ef says:

    @raweezywar how did you make it so you could download a file save from the game or whatever,

  13. manmiko24 says:

    hey i got it and wanted to extract it but theres no option to extract to C:ProgramDataPopCap GamesPlantsVsZombiesuserdata ( im using vista) can u help? its just an option saying extract to PVZASOFMARCH262010

  14. TheR4freak says:

    u should buy it legally

  15. FinalCherbim says:

    great work

  16. Vattu700 says:

    on vista and 7 no application

  17. charmen110 says:

    I have the game of the year edition for steam on pc however i cannot find the userdata folder ive looked everywhere even in the app data

  18. raweezywar says:

    @541step do the instructions carefully . try it again . there are seperate instructions for a vista / 7 and an xp

  19. Marioisamaniac3 says:

    my old file was more complete than that except for the tree but u cheated :P

  20. SooRandomZ says:

    Watch my toturial about how to download Plants vs Zombies HD
    No Survey, No code.

  21. HosanaPilares says:

    give me the steam link thats free cuz i have popcap pvz(plants vs zombies)

  22. pedroca50 says:

    po cade o download do jogo

  23. boulahia0000 says:

    thankx so much my friend i owe you one

  24. raweezywar says:

    @MrJakevincent description ….

  25. MrJakevincent says:

    wheres the link..

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